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How Do I ...? Monthly Product Demos (Evening)
Code: 4312879

Price: $10.00

March 24: Finding Your Voice: Lecture by Kay Capps Cross
Code: 8203242017

Price: $10.00

CLOSED: March 25-26: Boro and Beyond with Julie Booth
Code: 8203252017

Price: $154.00

March 25: WonderFil™ Show & Tell with Kay Capps Cross
Code: 8203252017W

Price: $0.00

April 1: Words of Wisdom with Diane Herbort
Code: 8304012017

Price: $84.00

April 7: The Construction of an Art Book with Leighanna Light
Code: 8304072017

Price: $150.00

April 8-9: Vintage Metal Deck with Leighanna Light
Code: 8304082017

Price: $300.00

April 13: Illuminated Manuscript Letters with Theresa Martin
Code: 8304132017

Price: $68.00

April 15: Upcycled T-Shirts (Top) with Karen McElfish
Code: 8304152017

Price: $72.00

April 23: Garden Girls with Leslie Brier
Code: 8304232017

Price: $42.00

April 23: OPEN STUDIO: Thermofax Screen Printing
Code: 8304232017PG

Price: $60.00

April 29: Hand Printed Scarves with Julie Booth
Code: 8304292017

Price: $87.00