Havel's double ground edgesHavel’s unique and innovative fabric scissors and rotary cutters are favored by sewing enthusiasts, quilt artists and avid embroiderers. These high-quality tools are engineered from durable Japanese stainless steel and feature double ground edges. Scissors cut fabric precisely, all the way to the tip, for fine detail cutting. Slippery fabrics and multiple layers are gripped, for crisp clean edges every time. Havel’s Teflon-coated scissors are ideal for use by mixed media artists to cut glued papers, fabrics or adhesive tapes.

9 In. Dura Edge Pinking Shears
Code: 32230

Price: $36.00

8 in. Dressmaker Shears
Code: 30202

Price: $22.00

7 in. Serrated Fabric Scissors
Code: 30178

Price: $21.00

9 in. Teflon Coated Serrated Scissors
Code: 69000

Price: $29.95

6 in. Large Finger Loop Serrated Scissors
Code: 50140

Price: $19.00

5.5 in. Teflon Coated Serrated Scissors
Code: 35001H

Price: $16.95

5.5 in. Serrated Straight Tip Embroidery Scissors
Code: 60140

Price: $19.00

5.5 in. Curved Tip Embroidery Scissors
Code: 30140

Price: $18.00

45mm Cushion Grip Rotary Cutter with Safety Lock
Code: 32045

Price: $17.95

"60mm Rotary Cutter, for Right or Left Hand Cutting"
Code: 32060

Price: $21.95

Two-Sided, Self-Healing Cutting Mat
Code: 32122

Price: $24.99

Ruler Fabric Cutter
Code: 39019

Price: $62.50