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    Taught by PG Fiber2Art (Susan Price and Elizabeth Gibson )

    10:00 am–3:30 pm, ½ hour lunch break
    Cost: $75 registration fee includes all use of supplies necessary for class: use of the instructors’ wide range of screens and textile paints, foam brushes, squeegees, a screen to take home and more.

    Have you ever wanted to incorporate printed images in your quilts or mixed media projects? One method of printing is with thermofax screens (sometimes called silk screens). Learn thermofax screen printing techniques by practicing on muslin and other hand-dyed/textured fabrics you bring using the exquisitely detailed screens provided by the instructors and a variety of paints.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • use images as focal point or create all over designs
    • layer images and techniques
    • print with discharge products and thickened dye
    • use resist techniques and other products with screen printing
    • prepare a screen for printing by binding it with duct tape

    Class time will also include discussions on using your own unique images (photos and drawings) to create screens, what types of images make good screens, and resources to have screens made as well as sources for purchasing.

    You’ll leave class with your own taped screen to use as often as you wish, and as much printed fabric as you can complete in class!

    Supply List:

    Please bring the following with you to class. Download PDF of Supply List »

    • 1/2 yard muslin for printing practice... can be one piece, but smaller pieces like fat quarters or even 9" x 12" will be easier to work with
    • Minimum 1 yard other fabric to print on, such as visually textured fabric like hand dyes, batik, or mottled fabrics. The amount you bring is up to you — you might want to focus on printing small compositions, or just make yardage. (More is better; can be pieces of any size)
      • Optional choices: organza/sheers, silks, linen, homespun, felt, in addition to cottons. If you are a mixed media artist, you might also want to print on canvas, paper or in a journal.
    • Fabric and paper/utility scissors

    Optional supplies:

    • Squeegee, old credit card or hotel room key (instructors will have these to share)
    • Small cutting mat, rotary cutter, ruler
    • Digital camera
    • Roll of paper towels

    Photo above, Elizabeth Gibson of PG Fiber2Art teaching thermofax screen printing at Artistic Artifacts. Visit PG Fiber2Art on Facebook!