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    by Susan Price and Elizabeth Gibson (PG Fiber2Art)

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    PG Fiber2Art sells ready-made screens, most of which are from orginal photos they have taken, as well as offering custom screens from screen ready artwork, photographs, or designs. Visit their Etsy shop and their Facebook page for additional information, and to ask about the popular Thermofax screen printing class they teach at Artistic Artifacts!

    The Thermofax screens designed and created by PG Fiber2Art can be used on fabric, paper (see below), or other mixed media surfaces: visit their blog for a How to Print with Thermofax Screens Tutorial! Use these screens with screen printing inks, textile paints or thickened dyes.

    Taping Your Screens:

    When you receive the screen, it will need to be duct taped on the edges before use. Visit the PG Fiber2Art blog for a complete tutorial on taping your Thermofax Screen, including step by step photographs (two reproduced here). It is best to tape the screen and let it cure overnight, if you can wait that long!

    Care of Screens:

    Visit the PG Fiber2Art blog for complete details on cleaning and caring for your screens, but to sum up:

    • When finished printing with a screen, immediately drop it in a pan of lukewarm water (kitty litter pans are perfect!) so the paint does not dry on the screen.
      • Metallic paints will quickly clog a screen, so not letting metallic paint dry on your screen is especially important.
      • Once you have completed your screenprinting session, wash the screens right away (plain water is all that’s needed); an old toothbrush or finger nail brush helps with cleanup.
      • Note that some paints may leave a slight stain.
    • Dry them with an old towel and set aside with the plastic-coated side up to dry completely. Damp screens stacked on top of each other may stick together and cause the plastic emulsion to peel off.
    • Store flat (scrapbook paper storage boxes work great).

    There are many additional tutorials on taping and printing on the Internet. We recommend the following:

    It is not necessary to use a plastic frame, but if you prefer taping to a frame, they are available at Welsh Products, Inc., which sell supplies and accessories for Thermal Screen Printing projects.