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    Tulip Bead Embroidery Needles (Sharp) #11 (Short)

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      SKU: TBN014e
      Tulip Bead Embroidery Needles (Sharp) #11 (Short)

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      Tulip Bead Embroidery (Sharp) #11 (Short) 0.41mm×37.0mm, four (4) needles per tube. Ideal for beading and bead embroidery, needles can go through a seed bead 15/0 three times. Tulip brand beading needles are flexible with an eye that is easy to thread, the tip is slightly rounded to avoid splitting the thread. All Tulip Needles, manufactured in Hiroshima, Japan, are designed specifically for needle artists. Beaders report longevity with a single needle; that their needle springs back to remain quite straight; that they experience less hand fatigue and that the overall beading experience is smoother.


      Manufacturer: Tulip Co