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    Color Card: Tutti Thread, 41 colors

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      Color Card: Tutti Thread, 41 colors

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      Tutti 50wt Cotton Thread Swatch Card: 41 variegated colors. Plan threads for your next project with ease! Sorting through hundreds of colors can be daunting, especially since colors will always vary from computer monitor to monitor, with details lost in photographs. WonderFil Specialty Threads offers swatch cards for purchase that include physical samples of every color available in a given thread line so you see the true color, weight, texture and shine that isn't always noticeable in images. Ideal to match thread colors to fabrics and to plan sewing, quilting and embroidery (machine and hand) projects. In addition to swatches, these booklets contain information about the thread, suggested uses, needle sizes and more. (NOTE: swatch cards vary in price depening on the thread line and number of colors represented.)