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    Bobbinator Size L, Beige

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      SKU: BBR-L-beige
      Bobbinator Size L, Beige

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      Bobbinator Size L, Beige. Increase storage space, reduce thread waste and sew economically (no need to purchase a separate thread for small to medium sized projects) by turning your bobbins into a thread spool. The Bobbinator™ can be used on horizontal or vertical spool spins and includes a reserve compartment to keep three additional bobbins in storage, making it easy to store total of four bobbins. Keeps bobbin threads clean, organized and prevents thread from unspooling. Included with this pack are prewound bobbins filled with WonderFil's super fine 80wt DecoBob thread, an excellent bobbin thread that can be paired with any top thread. DecoBob is ideal for hand and machine piecing, quilting, machine embroidery and digitized lace designs, button holes, and hidden stitches.