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    Curated Quilts, COVID

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      Curated Quilts, COVID

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      The Covid issue of Curated Quilts focuses on quilts made during the pandemic. As with all issues of Curated Quilts, this issue has a gallery full of inspiring and emotional quilts, three feature articles, a creative reset, and more (note that this issue does not include patterns). Issue 15 contents include: Tourist Stop Coming. Gotham Quilts Keeps Going by Teresa Duryea Wong; The Connected Project by Berene Campbell; Creative Reset: Creating Daily with Dice by Mel Beach; QuiltCon Together: Modern Quilters Connect Virtually by Laura Hopper; Quilt: Aching Absence -- Missing Hugs During a Pandemic by Gwen Edwards; Curated Studio; Covid Mini Quilt Challenge; Morning Make: How Daily Creative Practice Fuels You by Cheryl Arkison; On Trend: Creating New Connections Through a Pandemic by Carolina Oneto and Mixed Emotions by Becky McNeill.