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    UPPERCASE magazine, Issue 56

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      UPPERCASE magazine, Issue 56

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      UPPERCASE January-February-March is issue 55, exploring how sound and music -- both their presence and their absence -- influence our creative thinking. “Sound can shape our visual art and inform our craft,” writes publisher Janine Vangool. “Being in tune to the emotional qualities of music nurtures empathy. The challenge of playing an instrument teaches us patience, practice and perseverance. Composing music is an exercise in making intangible concepts audible. And, often, silence can be both welcome and glorious.” A special feature of this issue are audio link symbols next to content with a sound or video component that can be accessed online. All UPPERCASE publications include a playful exploration of creativity, an affinity for vintage ephemera, and a love of typography. Free of any advertising, UPPERCASE is for the creative and curious; meant to spark the imagination and inspire creativity.