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    UPPERCASE magazine, Issue 54

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      UPPERCASE magazine, Issue 54

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      UPPERCASE July-August-September is issue 54, featuring an abstract art / abstract thinking theme. Publisher Janice Vangool writes, “Through painting, drawing, stitching, sculpting and crafting, we make ideas real. And though sometimes those ideas can be concrete and representational, we can also express the more nebulous notions. We can break free from traditional constructs and explore colour, form, mood, memory and more. Abstract thinking can help us discover meaning and uncover relationships. We can understand deeper parts of ourselves and others. Thinking abstractly can help us solve problems without obvious solutions. We can make physical representations and renderings of concepts that have never existed before. The stories in this issue may explore the abstract, but its embodiment is most definitely beautiful and inspiring to behold.” All UPPERCASE publications include a playful exploration of creativity, an affinity for vintage ephemera, and a love of typography. Free of any advertising, UPPERCASE is for the creative and curious; meant to spark the imagination and inspire creativity.