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    UPPERCASE magazine, Issue 53

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      UPPERCASE magazine, Issue 53

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      UPPERCASE April-May-June issue, the fifty-third edition of this ad-free magazine, is all about nurturing one's creativity, growing as an artist and nourishing one's self through gardening and tending plants. The cover artwork was created by Katharine Watson, a printmaker, ceramicist and gardener. “There's so much in this issue, with over 600 images placed in its 132 pages, it is certainly lush! The reader-submitted seed packets and garden-inspired stories are excellent” writes publisher Janice Vangool, who created an online gallery of the Seed Packet submissions received for her open call since not all could be included. All UPPERCASE publications include a playful exploration of creativity, an affinity for vintage ephemera, and a love of typography. Free of any advertising, UPPERCASE is for the creative and curious; meant to spark the imagination and inspire creativity.