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    Tulip Fine Beading Awl

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      SKU: 455502
      Tulip Fine Beading Awl

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      The Tulip fine beading awl features a silky comfort grip. You will find it to be an indispensable tool: use it to reposition a seed bead for easier access to the needle (such as a size 15 seed bead in a tightly beaded bezel); to remove an unwanted bead from your work without pliers or damaging thread (grasp the bead while pushing the awl gently into the bead until it splits open); to remove knots (push the awl into the knot, allowing the increased diameter of the awl to expand the knot into a size that can easily be teased open); to place knots precisely where you intend when knotting pearls or other beads; and to clear the hole of rizo and duo/twin beads whose coatings sometimes repel the needle (simply tap the hole with the tip of the awl and they are ready to use).


      Manufacturer: Tulip Co