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    Bojagi by Sara Cook

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      Bojagi by Sara Cook

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      [Hardcover, 128 pages] Bojagi: Design and Techniques in Korean Textile Art by Sara Cook is the culmination of ten years of research into historic practitioners and artists today, those based in Korea and those practicing across the world. Bojagi, sometimes called Pojagi, is a traditional Korean textile art. Centuries old, it was originally textiles made for every day living with scraps of leftover fabrics artfully put together. They often resemble works of modern artists such as Piet Mondrian and Paul Klee. Today, the technique produces beautiful textiles that are fast influencing textile art in the West, particularly amongst quilters. Using her own work and the work of other artists, leading expert on the subject Sara Cook demonstrates the techniques and how modern textilers can interpret the principles of Bojagi creatively in exciting new work. The book covers a brief history and understanding of Bojagi in Korean culture, then covers: Fabrics and sewing equipment (including silk, hemp and ramie); Obanseak � technique and designs of bojagi colours and symbolism; Colour Seams and Embellishments; and Jagokbo � textiles pieced from tiny scraps. A beautiful book that offers textile artists and quilters a range of ideas to use in their own work. As with the current popularity with Shibori, this technique brings one of the East�s most creative textiles to a Western audience for the first time.