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    Narrow (6mm) Wire Mesh, Rose Gold

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      SKU: 20047
      Narrow (6mm) Wire Mesh, Rose Gold

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      Rose Gold Wire Mesh Ribbon. 6 mm diameter tube, one (flattened) yard per package. WireLace® is a mesh ribbon woven of very fine wires of brass, copper and/or aluminum and bonded with an enamel coating to create a variety of stunning colors (prices may vary by color). Use for jewelry, crafts, textiles and embellishments. Nickel-free (ideal choice for persons with nickel-allergies), waterproof (can be used for items that may get wet or need to be gently hand washed) and heat-resistant under 275 degrees (bake directly into polymer clay; adorn lampshades, hot-glue into scrapbooks. Note copper and some other colors may change slightly if heated).