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    Sewer's Aid

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      Sewer's Aid

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      Sewer's Aid by Collins®, 1/2 fl. oz. bottle. This clear, non-staining lubricant is especially useful for the home-sewer. A drop on the sewing machine needle will help reduce skipped stitching and the needle friction heat while sewing through heavy material and sheer fabric. Sewer's Aid applied sparingly to spool and bobbin thread and your sewing tools makes both machine and hand sewing easier: place dispenser tip at top of needle, spool etc. and allow just a drop or two of Sewer’s Aid to come out — distribute evenly by moving downward on both sides. Apply to spool and bobin thread; it will lubricate the thread guide and tension as it passes through machine for smoother sewing. Apply to machine needle for smoother sewing — knits and sheer fabrics can be sewn more easily and it helps prevent skip stitching. Apply to hand needles for easier penetration of fabric when hand sewing. Apply to bottom of presser foot and other attachments to glide over fabrics more easily. Apply to scissors for easier cutting. And more!