Gwen Lafleur

Gwen Lafleur is a lifelong artist, crafter, designer, and world traveler from Herndon, Virginia who has found her true home as a mixed media artist.

Artistic Artifacts is fortunate to be able to host Gwen to teach classes, and is proud to carry her beautiful line of rubber stamps with PaperArtsy and Boho Blends Embossing Powders and Boho Bits embellishments with Emerald Creek Craft Supplies. Visit Gwen’s website »

After the global pandemic struck and in-person classes had to be cancelled, we were delighted at how Gwen stepped up to support independent craft stores like us, creating accessible social distancing-friendly live mixed media classes offered via private Facebook group. We hosted POCKETbook in May, Flip Art Folio in November, and are now looking forward to another hybrid Live / Online workshop, Ornaments and Amulets! Visit Gwen’s website for complete details on this exciting class as well as many additional detail photographs. Register now to join in the fun!

Ornaments & Amulets Student Supply List:

Download Printable PDF copy now » Gwen will share ideas and samples for both holiday and everyday versions of each piece. Students will create three types of ornaments or amulets as well as there own handmade beads to use in our projects (this will be in the pre-class video.) Each of these small works of art can be used for décor, journal covers, statement jewelry, and more.

Ornaments and Amulets by Gwen Lafleur

Tools & Supplies

  • Rubber Stamps — Gwen will be using her own line of PaperArtsy stamps but you can use any brands you like
  • Acrylic stamp blocks if using unmounted stamps
  • Scissors or an X-acto knife or other craft knife (e.g. the Slice Precision Knife ), ruler, and cutting mat
  • Wire (Gwen recommends both 20 and 24 gauge wire, whatever color(s) you like; at least 5 yards each) and wire cutters
  • Toothpicks (at least one sharp end) and a scrap of Styrofoam or cardboard at least 6 in. x 8 in.
  • A straw, skewer, dowel, etc. approximately ⅛ in. to ¼ in. in diameter
  • A Tailor’s Awl, beading awl or something to poke or punch small holes (less than ¹⁄₁₆ in.)
  • Paint brush or your preferred tool for applying matte medium
  • Optional — jewelry making tools — Gwen highly recommends that you have at least a small pair of needle-nose pliers


Paper, Fabric, & Substrates

  • Chipboard or cardboard, approximately 3½ in. square
  • Fabric and/or patterned paper — (or you can stamp or stencil your own fabric or paper) about 5 in. square
  • A few sheets of rice paper, mulberry paper, or deli paper
  • Optional — Embellished trims, patches / appliques, or embroidered or embellished fabric pieces
  • Optional — A small piece of acetate, a transparency, or other thin acrylic surface approximately 3 in. square ( you can also use paper or fabric)

Inks, Paints, Pens, etc.


(Many of these are optional as you can pick and choose based on what you want to use to customize your projects. Feel free to incorporate items not on this list.)

  • Ribbon, Sari Yarn, fibers, etc... about 1 yard of one of these plus more for embellishment
  • A few yards of embroidery floss (color of your choice)
  • Beads (Gwen recommends a small selection of seed beads and several varieties of larger beads, noting that “it’s nice to have some that match for one project.” You will also learn how to make your own beads with registration to this class!
  • Some type of ring, at least ½ in. diameter center opening Gwen will review options and ways to make your own
  • Optional — gold leaf flakes or sheets
  • Optional — Embroidery and other decorative threads — Artistic Artifacts stocks both WonderFil Specialty Threads and Tentakulum (handpainted fibers from Germany)
  • Optional — Charms, bits of broken jewelry, buttons, keys, metal findings, jewels / rhinestones, Boho Bits, etc.
  • Optional — Twigs, dried berries or flowers, feathers, or other natural elements


  • Baby wipes
  • paper towels, and
  • water cup

More Recommendations from Gwen Lafleur

Among the products Artistic Artifacts carries that Gwen uses and recommends: