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About Food for Others

Food for Others: Feeding Families, Nourishing Lives
Food for Others provides a channel for people to volunteer
their services to help their neighbors in need. Local
merchants, the USDA, food drives, and crop harvests
provide the food; volunteers and staff provide the hands;
charitable contributions and fundraising events provide the
funds, a major part of Food for Others’ budget.
Approximately 96 cents out of every revenue dollar
is used for program expenses

Food for Others is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization headquartered in Fairfax, VA. Its mission is to obtain and distribute free food to the hungry of Northern Virginia and to support food programs of other community-based organizations. Visit the Food for Others website »

Northern Virginia, home to Artistic Artifacts, is considered one of the wealthiest areas in the United States, and yet faces a poverty rate of approximately 5%. While that figure may sound very low, it means that more than 90,000 people are living in poverty, and 30% are children.

Food for Others is the largest distributor of free food directly to people in need in Northern Virginia, providing the assistance vitally needed by our unemployed and low-income neighbors. Food for Others provides a safety net for people who suddenly face unforeseen emergencies such as a family illness or the loss of a job or a spouse.

A generously large percentage of our challenge artists donated their artwork to be sold via silent auction to benefit Food for Others, and more than $1,800 was raised!
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Thanks to Those Who Contributed to Our Mixed Media Metallics Food Drive!

Food for Others obtains much of its food through food rescue operations (staff and volunteers pick up good food that would be thrown away from local grocery stores and other retail food establishments; the food is brought to the Food for Others warehouse for temporary storage, including refrigeration as appropriate.) and food drives, which provide most of the non-perishable food distributed by the organization.

Suggestions for Food Drive Contributions:

• Canned meats — ham, turkey, chicken, beef and tuna
• Peanut butter and jelly
• Soups
• Cereal
• Vegetables
• Fruit
• Beans (dried or canned)
• Macaroni and Cheese
• Boxed Meals
• Pasta and Pasta Sauce (no glass jars)
• Rice
• Fruit Juice
• Sugar and Flour
• Coffee, Tea or Drink Mix

Food For Others offers these general guidelines for donating to a food drive:

Food for Others is funded in part by the Fairfax and Arlington County governments, and also receives funding from foundations, churches and many generous individuals.

We hope you will join us in supporting this worthy charity, or one like it in your hometown.

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