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    Redeeming Gift Certificates

    Redeem Artistic Artifacts gift certificate

    Are you the recipient of an Artistic Artifacts gift certificate? Here’s how to use it to purchase your favorite creative finds!

    After you have received your gift certificate code via email or in a printed version, you must redeem the code, when it will then show up as a credit in your account.

    You must have an Artistic Artifacts store account — and be actively signed in (not shopping as a guest) — before you can redeem gift certificate codes. After redeeming the gift certificate code, the credit will show up in your Customer Account Balance screen. Here is the process:

    1. You receive the unique alpha-numeric gift certificate code
    2. You open a browser window, browse to our secure on-line store, and sign in.
    3. In your Customer Account screen, click on Redeem Gift Certificate.
    4. In the Redeem Gift Certificate screen, enter the gift certificate code and click Redeem.

    Artistic Artifacts’ secure online shopping system updates the Redeem Gift Certificate screen to show that the gift certificate has been applied as a credit to your account.

    Apply Account Credit to pay

    You can then shop as normal, and begin the checkout process. When you get to the Shipping/Payment selection screen, you will see that in addition to your typical payment methods being available, your account balance (redeemed from your gift certificate) is also available as a payment method.

    • You can use your redeemed gift certificate amount, in full or partial, to pay for your order: select Apply Credit Balance to do so.
    • If you order total exceeds the amount of your account credit balance, you have the option to use all of your credit and pay for the remainder of the order with a credit card. You can also choose to use a portion of your account credit.
    • If you don’t want to use your account credit immediately after it is redeemed, select any of the other typical payment methods for your order. Remember that your account credit will remain in your customer account until it is used — it does not expire.