This page will be updated soon! We have two beautiful new products for you: Evenweave Linen —100% Linen is 28 ct Evenweave Fabric, available in 40 colors, and Eyelash Silk, a handpainted 100% silk fabric strip full of frayed texture, available in 40 colors. We are also working to show that each product is available in the full 40 color range, new product sizes and formats, etc.

Handpainted Fibers & Textiles

Germany’s Tentakulum Manufaktur is famous for their Painter’s Threads: handpainted and space dyed textile materials created from silk, cotton, wool, rayon and metallics. Most products are named for famous artists — see list at bottom of this page — whose usual palette, (or that of one of their famous paintings) inspired the vibrant, saturated color choices. Work with one colorway while varying color and texture, or combine two or more collections — all work with one another to produce a beautifully colored surface for any type of fiber or mixed media work. We recommend hand-stitching with Tulip Brand needles.

Tentakalum Braided Metallic Painter's Thread, Lawrence color

Braided Metallic
Painters Thread, two sizes: #4 and #8

Small band of braided metallic threads in two sizes — 40 colors, pictured here, Lawrence

Tentakulum Crewel Wool

Crewel Wool
A 2-ply, combed, non-strandable lambs wool — 30 colors, pictured here, Macke

Tentakulum Embroidery Floss

Embroidery Floss
6-ply, strandable cotton thread with a wonderful luster — 40 colors, pictured here, Kandinsky

Tentakulum Flower Thread

Flower Thread
Spun from plain cotton, matte finish (no mercerization) — 40 colors, pictured here, Rousseau

Tentakulum Gimpe

Gimpe (rayon thread wrapped around a cotton core) can be stitched with, couched, or knotted — up to 40 colors, pictured here, GrandmaMoses

Tentakulum Painter's App

Painter’s App
Collections of fabric, thread and trims in four colors reminiscent of the location they’re named for — 30 colors, pictured here, Queensland

Tentakulum Painter's Pixies

Painter’s Pixies
Assorted hand-dyed fibers (2 ATCs, 3 assorted threads/ribbon, 2 fiber beads and a “surprise”) packaged in one colorway — 28 colors, pictured here, Matisse

Tentakulum Pearl Cotton

Pearl Cotton
Available in multiple sizes — #3, #5, #8 and #12 — each in 40 colors

Tentakulum Ribbon Floss

Ribbon Floss
A softly braided ribbon, made of organically grown cotton. Versatile and easy to use; stitches flat — 30 colors, pictured here, Gaugin

Tentakalum Ric Rac

Ric Rac
Rayon trim with silver metallic woven in, approximately 3/8 in. wide — 30 colors, pictured here, Picasso, Niki and Matisse

Tentakulum Shimmer Floss

Shimmer Blend RibbonFloss
Softly braided blend of rayon and metallic fibers that can be used for any type of ribbon embroidery — 40 colors, pictured here, Frida

Tentakalum Silk Cocoons

Silk Cocoons
Package of 30 cocoons, assorted vivid hand dyed colors

Tentakulum Silk Ribbon

Silk Ribbon
Wonderful for ribbon embroidery! Available in two widths, 4 mm and
7 mm — 30 colors, pictured
Klee 4mm

Single Loop Trim

Single Loop Trim
Rayon Gimpe threads form this loop trim, approximately 1/4 in. wide: perfect as a decorative edging, dimensional element and more — 40 colors, pictured here, Boucher, Picasso and Mary C

Tentakalum Snail Trim

Snail Trim
Rayon and Metallic gimp threads create this beautiful trim, approximately 1/2 in. wide — 30 colors, pictured here, Wilhemina, Matisse and Macke

Tentakulum Soie d'Alger

Soie d’Alger
Soie d’Alger is a spun silk 7 ply stranded fiber with a matte shimmer — 30 colors, pictured here, Chagall

Tentakulum crochet beads

Tentakulum Notions: Beads
Crochet covered acrylic beads,
sold per assorted pack of 10

Tentakulum fabric buttons

Tentakulum Notions: Buttons
Linen covered buttons, sold per
assorted pack of 10 (two styles in pack)

Each Tentakulum thread, fiber or textile is unique; although the painting process is the same for each pack, the color reveals itself differently on silk, cotton, wool and rayon materials — allowing the artist to vary color and texture while working with a single color, or to combine differently colored collections or products and still achieve a beautifully blended result. Tentakulum fibers can be used in counted thread work, crocheting, embroidery, knitting, lace making, patchwork, quilting, spinning and weaving — and are wonderful for use in any mixed media work!

Tentakalum Color Numbers/Names

101 Macke (August Macke)
102 Kandinsky (Wassily Kandinsky)
103 Klee (Paul Klee)
104 Monet (Claude Monet)
105 Gauguin (Paul Gauguin)
106 Klimt (Gustav Klimt)
107 VanGogh (Vincent Van Gogh)
108 Rousseau (Henri Rousseau)
109 Picasso (Pablo Picasso)
110 Chagall (Marc Chagall)
111 Frida (Frida Kahlo)

112 Georgia (Georgia O’Keefe)
113 Hopper (Edward Hopper)
114 Lawrence (Jacob Lawrence)
115 GrandmaMoses (Anna Mary Robertson Moses)
116 Renoir (Pierre-Auguste Renoir)
117 Niki (Niki de Saint Phalle)
118 MaryC (Mary Cassatt)
119 Gabriele (Gabriele Münter)
120 Boucher (Francois Boucher)
121 Cezanne (Paul Cezanne)

122 Marianne (Marianne von Werefkin)
123 Wilhelmina (Wilhelmina Barns-Graham)
124 Turner (William Turner)
125 Matisse (Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse)
126 Kirchner (Ernst Ludwig Kirchner)
127 Waterhouse (John William Waterhouse)
128 Marc (Franz Marc)
129 Friedrich (Caspar Friedrich)
130 IngeMeta (named for Bärbel Ingeborg Zimber's mother, in honor of her 80th birthday)

The latest from Tentakulum, responding to customer requests, are 10 pale colorways, making a total of 40 colors in total!