Notions & Tools

Purchase supplies and tools for sewing, quilting and other fiber art such as scissors, needles (machine, hand and beading), threads (those that differ from our WonderFil Specialty Thread lines), fusible web in various weights, non-stick ironing craft sheets; and much more.

Scissors and Cutting Tools

Scissors & Cutting Tools

Fusibles, Interfacing & Stabilizers

Fusibles, Interfacing & Stabilizers

Needles for Hand and Machine

Needles for Hand & Machine

Prepared for Images

Prepared for Images

Sashiko and Other Threads

Sashiko & Other Threads

Sewing and Quilting Tools, Accessories, Notioins

Sewing & Quilting Tools and Accessories

Rulers and Gridded Products

Rulers & Gridded ProductsCreative Grids rulers for sewing and quilting, Westalee Rulers for machine quilting and more.

Regarding threads, see also our WonderFil Specialty Threads and Tentakulum Painter’s Threads for embroidery floss and other specialty hand-stitching fibers.

Our Mats & Work Surfaces contains additional useful products — learn more!

Remember too that many notions can be thought as a separate creative element for fabric and paper! For example, create your own custom textile by painting the webbed side of Mistyfuse (a sheer fusible) with a watered-down paint such as our own Fluid Textile Paints or Jacquard’s Dye-Na-Flow, let it air dry, cut or tear into shapes or pieces as desired, then iron it webbed side down (as normal) to fabric or paper, protecting your iron using a non-stick Goddess sheet.


Patterns and Kits

Patterns & Kits