Light reflective and light refractive, Angelina is incredibly luminescent. Use it in any project where you would like to create a bit of shine, glitz or iridescence — it is a fun, fast alternative to beads paint or foils. Angelina fibers/film will fuse to each other (they do not stick to other fabrics or surfaces) at approximately 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Use the following to iron Angelina sheets: tissue paper, paper towels, tracing paper; kitchen parchment or a Teflon pressing sheet. Pass your iron over the paper surface quickly. Only a few seconds, and lower temperatures, are necessary. If the fibers are overheated or the iron is stationary too long, Angelina will lose its shine and sparkle, plus colors (and texture) may change. While Angelina can be machine washed, it is not recommended for use on any quilt, garment or accessory that requires ironing or being dried via clothes dryer—instead hand wash items and hang or lay flat to dry. Fused Angelina fabric can be cut with scissors or rotary cutters. Finished Angelina sheets, like any fabric, can be sewn or glued to other surfaces with your sewing machine, hand stitching, fusible web or other adhesives.