WonderFil Specialty Threads

Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, VA is a WonderFil™ Specialty Threads Boutique — shop our wide range of WonderFil thread lines for both hand and machine sewing, embroidery and serging, ranging from 100wt to 3wt in cotton, rayon, polyester, and metallic, below. We love educating customers on the many different uses of the many different WonderFil threads for both art and functionality, so stop by for a visit, and view our fiber art classes. We also carry a variety of Sashiko and other specialty threads.

Eleganza& thread by WonderFil, part of the Sue Spargo Collection Ahrora 40 wt Glow in the Dark Thread Dazzle thread by WonderFil

The Sue Spargo Collection!
Eleganza, Efina, and Ellana thread colors chosen by Sue, her dyed wool, pre-cut shapes & kits, books and more!

Fun 40wt 100% polyester thread designed to glow brightly in the dark!

Sturdy 6-ply thread (comparable in weight to a #8 perle cotton) 100% rayon and metallic mix with a silky finish.

DecoBob thread by WonderFil Designer thread by WonderFil Eleganza thread by WonderFil
80wt 2-ply polyester thread with a textured matte finish, delicate but incredibly strong. Also available on convenient prewound bobbins.

40wt polyester thread, reliable and all purpose. A premium sewing and serger thread in more than 200 solid colors.

Available in 3 weights, 100% Giza 88, the highest caliber extra long staple Egyptian cotton. Use for wool appliqué, hand embroidery, Sashiko and more.
Fruitti thread by WonderFil GlaMore thread by WonderFil InvisaFil thread by WonderFil

12wt Egyptian cotton thread with a bold and dramatic look, ideal for showing off your stitching and designs.

12wt, 2-ply rayon thread with one strand of metallic: use it to embellish any project where you want the stitching to be the star.

InvisaFil™ Ultra Lite
100wt, 2-ply cottonized polyester, ultra-fine and soft... but surprisingly strong with negligible stretch.

Konfetti thread by WonderFil Mirage thread by WonderFil Polyfast by WonderFil

50wt, 3-ply mercerized Egyptian cotton: a popular choice for quilting and longarming due to its quality finish and low bulk.

30wt rayon thread with a beautiful sheen, randomly space dyed in variegated colors: every spool is unique!

Polyfast is a 40wt trilobal polyester with a brilliant shimmer and excellent strength, ideal for machine embroidery.

Razzle thread by WonderFil Sizzle thread by WonderFil SoftLoc wooly poly

A sturdy 6-ply, 100% rayon thread with a natural bright luster and silky feel.

Woven with three strands of metallic, this is the ultimate thread to add a lot of texture and dimension.

This supple Tex 35 wt Wooly Poly is perfect for use in the upper and lower loops and chain loopers of sergers.
Spagetti& thread by WonderFil Splendor thread by WonderFil Spotlite thread by WonderFil

12 wt, 3-ply, 100% long staple Egyptian cotton, a bold and dramatic thread.

40wt rayon 2-ply thread with a soft and silky finish for machine embroidery, thread painting, and more.

40wt rayon core metallic thread ideal for machine embroidery, decorative stitches and even quilting.

Tutti thread by WonderFil WonderFil Specialty Threads available in themed packs Aster & Anne Precut Felt Kits -- assemble and embellish your own purses, totes and more

50 wt, 3-ply Egyptian cotton super low lint thread in lovely variegated colors

WonderFil Thread Packs Aster & Anne Precut Felt Kits
Includes all required hardware (buckles, straps etc.) & more to make your own bags to embellish.
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