A Marvelous Memory Book by Liz Kettle

This posting is now a tutorial on the Artistic Artifacts website: http://www.artisticartifacts.com/memorybook.html

Fabric memory books are a merging of a quilt,  photo album and scrapbook. Because they are primarily made with fabric they are soft, tactile and ask to be handled and loved in a way that paper books do not. I have made these little books to commemorate a special trip, event or a special person in my life. Memory books can be made in any style and they can be embellished as much as you like. They make great gift and are always a hit with the recipient because each one is  unique and personal.  Best of all, they can be made in a day!…

Read/view all: http://www.artisticartifacts.com/memorybook.html

85 Comments to “A Marvelous Memory Book by Liz Kettle”

  1. Jacquie Scuitto

    Very good tutorial and inspiring as well! This would be a wonderful way to make a picture book for a small child by adding textural elements to add to or embellish the printed photos.

    Another good idea for my bucket list!

  2. Nancy Smeltzer

    Thanks so much for the detailed description of how to use the inkjet fabric. I’ve always wanted to try adding that on to my repetoire, so it would be great, good fun to win the packet of fabric.

  3. Janet Sellers

    Oh, that is adorable. I don’t have any babies at the moment… I wonder if poodles will do?! I could scan photos of my own kids who used to be little and now they are much larger. Almost grown up. Thanks for showing us this lovely book, Liz.

  4. Elizabeth Kettle

    What a wonderful tutorial! it is very easy to follow and a wonderful progject idea. not to mention the beautiful pictures your useing it the book! I am so excited that my babies are in books that are published! this is great liz your work is always stunning and inspiring!

  5. Christa Irell

    Liz, I LOVE this! I just love combining photos with fabric and this looks like such a fun project. There will be a baby in our family this spring… I had better get practicing this stuff!

  6. Marsha

    Great tutoiral, Liz! The photos aninstructions are very clear, along with the inspiring project. I hope to take one of your classes at Artistic Artifacts in late spring.

  7. Jeannie

    Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. This would make a great Valentine’s present for my Mom and Aunt with the grandbabies photos in them. Thanks again!

  8. Sandy

    Our quilt guild’s upcoming monthly workshop is on printing photos on fabric. I like the idea of a book, rather than quilt or wallhanging, for those photo memories.

  9. Ronda

    Thank you for these directions for a fabulous gift! This would be a special treasure for anyone and so full of love and softness as compared to a photo album. I am inspired!

  10. Beth Mastrude

    Hi Liz,

    Love the detailed instructions for making these adorable small artworks. I’ve thought of a couple of up and coming events that I want to document in this manner. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Jane Brown

    I’d like to know what program is being used to arrange jpeg imagery so that one can minimize waste when printing on the EQ printable fabric.

    • Judy


      I place my photos in Pagemaker or I think word lets you do this also.- We can try at the annex sometime if you want to come by

  12. Kathie

    What a wonderful idea. I can picture this as a treasured gift to grandparents that live far away…Thank you for sharing..Hope I win that fabric pack 🙂

  13. Elizabeth Woodford

    Judy has done some wonderful works using this Printable fabric as well!! I do love Liz’s work but I will not miss an opportunity to plug our Miss JUDY!!!! Hugs Gal!!! And what the heck I would love to be entered!!!!!
    I would be happy to do some driving to AA with some osrt of Tut if you can think of something- just an idea- something to do with classes???

  14. Donnell

    I love, love, love working with inkjet fabric to make memory items – quilts, pillows, etc. and would really enjoy trying it in a book format. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

  15. Mary Hurlburt

    Great tutorial. I will have to make one for my mother who is now 81.
    She owned a quilt shop for 25 years from when she was 50 until she turned 75.
    She still quilts everyday. She would love it and I would love making it.

  16. Nancy Johnston

    Great tutorial! I’ve used some before, but these pictures are wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity as well.

  17. Cathy Bullington

    I am amazed at how bright the colors printed. I had tried some other brand before and did not like how dull the colors printed. I will have to try the one you used. Your project is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Linda Morgan

    I would love to try out the printable fabric. I have tons of grandkids (ok just 7) – it would be nice to have all thier photos in a book. Thanks Judy.

  19. candy grisham

    What a great tutorial and very timely for me. Just getting ready to do a project with pictures and this will do it. thanks you.

  20. Tama Brooks

    Hey Liz… another great tutorial – clear instructions and supportive images… makes the project feel very do-able…
    Just thinking… my grand niece is 8 months old and very interactive… a book with pix of the clan would be a fun project… and another book with clan animals… whoa, the juices are flowing!
    Judy, thanks for sponsoring this tutorial… So good to have chatted with you in January down in Sanford…

  21. Jeanne

    I am just about to start this project as a gift for a 75 year old lady. She asked for some photos and I thought this would be a neat way for her to see and display. Thanks so much for the idea!!!

  22. Kathleen

    I’m delighted to know AA is just up the road from Richmond, a very busy I-95 road, but still . . . The photo book has me intrigued and already thinking about which grandchildren photos to include. I’d love the boost of winning the drawing. Hope to get to a class there soon!

  23. MichelleJ

    Liz, I love your work – and look forward to meeting you in May, at SAQA convention.
    EQ printables are perhaps the only brand I haven’t tried yet – probably because they aren’t as easily available to me as other brands. But I certainly do need to try them – I LOVE using digital images on fabric.

  24. Susan S

    Great tutorial. Love the way you give hints about the tools you like and why, but do not show a pic of every journaling technique mentioned. Makes me want to try to make one.

  25. Bella

    What a great idea! I can’t wait to start one myself! Your detailed instructions and excellent pictures make this one look fun and easy! Thanks!

  26. Anne Peters

    Such fun. Thanks for the tutorial. I would love to make a memory book when my 4 year old granddaughter arrives – an international adoption. We have been waiting forever.

  27. Lisa Quintana

    Very nice tutorial! My daughter is graduating from high school this year and it is customary to have scrapbooks for the grads…maybe I’ll just have to make mine fabric!

    Lisa Quintana

  28. Jill Williams

    My father and I have been doing some family history research, and it occurs to me that making a book like this with some of the photos would be perfect!

  29. Janet

    This is great! And for me, it is very timely. I’ve been wanting to make a similar baby book for my first grandchild. This is perfect and I’m ready to start now that I’ve read your tutorial! Thanks.

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