ICE Resin and the Box Challenge

In a previous posting, we talked a bit about The Box Challenge that many members of our Judy’s Altered Minds participated in and headed up by Barb Boatman of Cut Sew Create studio.

The challenge was to use these display box structures surfaces (most 5×5 inch, some rectangular) to create small artworks that incorporated products purchased from Artistic Artifacts that could then be used in the shop and at events as samples. We mentioned that we would periodically be showcases some of these boxes here on the blog: here are two featuring ICE Resin products, both created by Jen Bell. Jen is our ICE Resin queen! Not a month goes by where she isn’t bringing in yet another fabulous example of her work for JAMs show & tell. One of the best things about Jen is her willingness to experiment…she is always trying something new.

ICE Resin Owl by Jen Bell from the JAMs Box Challenge

For her owl (pictured above, click for a large view), Jen started with a base of Tim Holtz Melange tissue wrap, then applied Ranger brand alcohol ink in Sailboat Blue, Stream, Citrus, Clover and Silver in mottled strokes to create the colorful background. The tree trunk and branch were cleverly created using the Web Weave Ribbon.

Detail, ICE Resin Owl by Jen Bell from the JAMs Box Challenge

The owl design came from Jen’s copy of the adult coloring book The Time Chamber by Daria Song, and was reproduced onto a piece of batik fabric (see detail above). The entire piece was covered with several coats of ICE Resin; the owl was cut out from the fabric and separately treated with ICE Resin, than attached (with resin) as a dimensional element.

For her second box, Jen created a sparkly winter landscape! (Pictured below, click for a large view.)

ICE Resin Pine Trees in Winter by Jen Bell from the JAMs Box Challenge

Detail, ICE Resin Pine Trees in Winter by Jen Bell from the JAMs Box ChallengeShe created a sheet of fused Angelina fibers in Blue, Light Blue and Silver to create the amazing winter sky. Angelina is notoriously difficult to photograph, but we think you can get the idea of the color and fire here.

The trees are all cut from batik and other fabrics Jen has purchased at Artistic Artifacts. The trees are “growing” from a base of “snow” created with ICED Enamels Relique in Ivory. The trees and the snow are applied in layers; Jen builds up multiple layers of ICE Resin as she work, so there is true depth and perspective to this piece.

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