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Vintage Found Floral Embellished Art Quilt

I wanted to share one of my embellished quilts with you today…the bold florals and bright colors seem appropriate as we enter the dog days of summer.

click for a larger view--Vintage Found Floral embellished art quilt by Judy Gula

Click on the quilt for a larger view.

It was easy for me to pull the center panel, a hand-embroidered floral, and the border fabric, an amazing tulip floral from Halston from my stash. Anyone who knows me, or has been a blog visitor in the past, knows I have a love for found fabrics and linens. But I also have a lot of other collections too, so it’s probably not a shock that I have a drawer full of vintage floral pins and brooches.

I loved putting all these together!

Close-up views of the pins I used:

Vintage pin from Judy Gula's collection
Vintage pin from Judy Gula's collection
Vintage pin from Judy Gula's collection
Vintage pin from Judy Gula's collection

The center piece was wonderful as is, but I really enjoyed adding free-motion quilting, in two colors of neutral thread, to give it more emphasis and movement (detail below).

Free motion quilting added to vintage embroidered butterfly

And the fabric designed by Halston (look him up, young folks, he was a HUGE name in the fashion world in the 70s) was gorgeous on its own, but it also was a fun canvas to add some hand stitching as well as free-motion quilting.

Vintage Halston-designed fabric embellished with hand and machine stitching

Bright and cheerful with a bit of bling, this was a fun art quilt to put together. If you have pins or brooches from your grandmother, mother, aunt and they aren’t something you would wear today, consider adding one or more to a quilt or mixed media canvas as an embellishment. So much prettier than hidden away in a drawer!

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