Your Opinions About Classes & Retreats…Plus Check this Space on Friday!

Earlier this week on the Artistic Artifacts Facebook page we included my friend Liz Kettle’s provocative blog post, The Death of a Teaching Industry?

When enough people don’t sign up for a class it has to be canceled… two people can’t support the effort of the teacher and a class with only two students lacks the dynamic energy that makes classes so much fun and deepen the learning experience… We teachers, store owners and event organizers talk about the “why” all the time: not enough advertising? bad economy? boring classes? too much free stuff on YouTube? Do the classes look too hard? Do the classes look too easy?…

Liz lives in Colorado and teaches there frequently; she usually teaches at each of the three Art & Soul venues…we’ve even been fortunate enough to get her on our schedule once a year or so. She asks specific questions and requests honest feedback, and since this is a topic that is frequently discussed here at Artistic Artifacts, I too am very interested in reading everyone’s opinions.

Please visit the Textile Evolution blog to read the entire post and then add your comments so that all of us in the industry can learn and serve you better.

My Guest Artist Post Coming This Friday!

Fabric Printing at Home: Quick and Easy Fabric Design Using Fresh Produce and Found Objects by Julie B. BoothWhile I usually post on Wednesdays, I’d like to ask you to please check this space again on Friday, February 6. That’s when it’s my turn with Julie Booth’s Fabric Printing at Home Blog Tour, running from February 1 to the 14. Julie asked 13 other fiber artists to contribute, and I was so pleased to be included!

Each day another free copy of her wonderful new book Fabric Printing at Home: Quick and Easy Fabric Design Using Fresh Produce and Found Objects will be given away: a total of 14 copies! All that is necessary to enter your name into each day’s random drawing is leave a comment on that day’s contributor’s blog. Visit Julie’s blog at each day for a link to the guest fiber artist postings.

In order of daily appearance, the guest artists are Lisa Chin, Lynn Krawczyk, Jane Davila, Carol R. Eaton, me, Susan Purney Mark, Teri Lucas, Jennifer Coyne Qudeen, Deborah Boschert, Lynda Heines, Cheryl Sleboda, Terri Stegmiller and Jackie Lams.

Each day of the Tour, Julie is sharing thoughts on some of her favorite tools and materials, providing surface design tips, or playing around with some Valentine’s Day-themed projects using techniques from her book. Make certain to leave a comment on Julie’s blog each day too, because she is giving away a bonus “door prize” (she’s given away a linoleum carving tool set and a brayer, for instance) via random draw!

Remember, post a comment on each guest artist’s blog for the chance to win a copy of Julie’s book. For instance, on Friday, you comment on MY post for that day’s opportunity to win one of the 14 copies of the book. And for the chance at any of the various door prizes leave a comment on Julie’s blog.

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