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Ashville North Carolina

After the Durham Quilt Show, Dave and I headed to visit family friends in Hendersonville, North Carolina for a few days of relaxation. We found a wonderful store in Asheville named Screen Door, 115 Fairview Road, I found some wonderful curio shadow boxes by artist Gail Lamuraglia at the Screen Door.

This place is amazing!!

Also, downtown we found Earth Guild. I have been shopping with Earth Guild since my weaving days in high school!

Another great find was Woolworth Walk. This is a locally owned gallery in the heart of downtown (25 Haywood Street) that represents local artists. It is located in a historic building, a renovated F&W Woolworth department store:

I hope everyone here in the U.S. enjoys their upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend!

One Comment to “Ashville North Carolina”

  1. Lynda

    Judy, Darn! Wish I would have read this post before we went to Asheville. We just returned and I would have loved to go to Screendoor! Welcome to the Printed Fabric Bee.


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