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3 Comments to “Treenway”

  1. Sally Veauta.

    Just 2 say ImLOVE the ” EYE” & wonder exactly what it might be and if what size it might be andif it is seperate from it’s background.

    Good luck in Huston & enjoy the Show!

    Sally V.

  2. karen bennett

    Sally, Thank you for your comment. I am the artist of eye. It is actually one of three eyes attached to a silk fusion background. I stuffed the inside edge of the eye so the eye would pop out and the iris would be recessed. The eye itself is beaded on a batik cloth and then sewn on. I really enjoy working with silk fibers and am delighted with the selection that Treenway Silks has. Karen B.

  3. Treenway Silks

    Sally–Karen is an incredible artist and I love her work! She created two pieces with the ‘eyes’ and both are lovely! I don’t have the pieces here, so going on memory regarding the size. Each eye is approximately 10″ across. The overall piece is about 18″ wide and 36″ long.


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