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Wide Variety of Japanese Fabrics Newly Added!

Japanese fabrics available at Artistic ArtifactsA number of Japanese fabrics, both contemporary and vintage, have been added to a newly updated section of our online store. Silk Kimono Fabric, Cotton kimono pieces, Vintage Cotton Yukata Fabric and Woven Cotton Kasuri Fabric are now available, by yardage or by cut pieces (as described in each listing).

A yukata is a casual, unlined summer kimono traditionally made of indigo-dyed cotton or synthetic fabric, commonly worn by both men and women in Japan during the hot summer months. In Japan, yukata fabric is sold in rolls that are approximately 14" wide and 12-13 yards long, with one roll furnishing enough fabric to create one yukata.

Kasuri is an ikat technique; the threads can be a solid color or resist-dyed, and the weft thread is resist-dyed in a specific pattern and dyed with indigo to form a picture when the cloth is woven.

Judy used kasuri fabric in the following piece of art, discussed in her latest blog posting. Visit for some great tips and tricks on creating wonderful mixed media collages that incorporate both fabric and paper using an upcycled canvas base!


Paper and fabric collage on upcycled canvas by Judy Gula

Sale on Washi Tape

Pumpkin Washi TapeOne recent crafting trend that originated in Japan and has now exploded around the world theses past few years has been washi tape. Washi tape is removable from most surfaces (similar to a masking tape) and is available in a wide array of colors and patterns. The term washi comes from wa, meaning Japanese, and shi, meaning paper. Washi paper is used in many traditional Japanese arts: origami, shodo, and ukiyo-e; washi tape enthusiasts are using it to embellish just about everything, and just about everywhere! Our selection of washi tape, sold in coordinating or contrasting two-packs, is now on sale for 10% off — use coupon code Washi during checkout.

New Books and Magazines

Page from Making Your Mark: Creating Cloth for Imagery, Stitch, Embroidery and EmbellishmentAmong the new titles added to our extensive book section, we are highlighting Making Your Mark: Creating Cloth for Imagery, Stitch, Embroidery & Embellishment by Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan, which explores the magic of using everyday tools such as scrapers, rollers, squeeze bottles, etc., to create individual, personal marks on cloth or paper (image here of one interior page). The 52 pages contain clear step-by-step instructions plus a 120 minute DVD that provides demonstrations on the techniques is included...a bonus that gives you the experience of taking a class with the talented Committed to Cloth (C2C) duo.

Winner of the Textile Awards: Textile Book of the Year is Inspired to Stitch: 21 Textile Artists by Diana Springall, which features drawings and pages from workbooks, preliminary designs and models, giving you an in-depth look at how well-known designers get their inspiration and translate it into finished work.

Other new products added to our shop include the Winter 2013 edition of Stitch Magazine, and the October/November issue of Quilting Arts magazine, focusing on surface design techniques.

Classes at Artistic Artifacts

Artistic Artifacts is offering a wide variety of classes, with options posted through the first quarter of next year so you can plan ahead! We hope you will join us and learn new techniques, experiment with new mediums and go home with a piece of art for yourself, or for a handmade gift for a loved one or friend!

Art & Soul in Oregon — It’s Not Too Late to Register!

If you live in, or will be visiting the Pacific Northwest, there are still some wonderful classes open during the Portland, OR edition of Art & Soul, which takes place September 30 – October 6 at the Red Lion on the River. To register for this opportunity to immerse yourself in art, visit

Artistic Artifacts serves as the on-site store for these creative retreats, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to do some in-person shopping. You can visit the Red Lion on the River to shop even if you are not able to register for the retreat. There is also an exciting Vendor Night taking place on Saturday, October 5 from 6:00-9:00 pm that is open to the public for a $5 admission fee.

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