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New Silk/Metal Fabric on Sale!

We have recently added sheer fabrics woven from real metal and shimmering silk threads and are offering them — available in 10 colors as well as in sampler packs — on sale for 15% off for a limited time.

Three of Artistic Artifacts' New New Silk/Metal Fabrics

The organza-like metal fabric is soft and fine, very easy to sew through or manipulate. It is sold per luscious color in fat quarter (18" x 22") units, and in sampler packs that include sheets of all 10 colors: small (5½" x 9") and large (9½" x 11½").

Metallic fabric woven from real metal and silk threadsUse this shimmering textile to embellish art quilts, add to your mixed media art, or incorporate into art jewelry, as Artistic Artifacts owner Judy Gula is doing with the fabric beads pictured here. These handmade and handbeaded beauties will be incorporated into one of her fabulous necklaces. (Please note: our photographs cannot do these rare imported textiles justice!)

Gorgeous Graphic Fabric Panels

Batik panel of saxophonist by ArifinWe have updated the Batik Tambal section of our store with brightly colored batik panels by the batik artist Arifin. These vibrant colors and graphic abstract images are not your typical batik! We can bet he will find some new fiber and mixed media fans...imagine these dynamic panels accented with stitching, beading or even found object embellishments!

A leader of a new generation of Indonesian batik artists, he expresses his subjects, many depicting musical instruments (as the saxophonist pictured here), abstractly by reversing the famous Javanese Batik method: he dyes his paintings from dark to bright colors, instead of the traditional bright to dark.

Mixed Media Metallics Challenge Open to All — Join Us!

Artistic Artifacts is holding a new challenge that will accept art quilts, collages, assemblages, jewelry: whatever medium you choose to work in! Our Mixed Media Metallics Challenge requires that your finished size be 8" x 10" and that you feature metal or metallic finishes in some way, but your imagination is otherwise free to roam. The deadline for your submissions is November 23. We hope you’ll participate! Visit our website to learn more about this challenge, get a sneak peak at a wonderful earlybird entry and download your entry form.

October Classes at Artistic Artifacts

Classes are a great way to stretch your comfort zone and experiment with products you might not yet be familiar with, or for learning new skills and techniques. Our wide variety of classes offers the following for the month of October:


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