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    Creating & Viewing Wish Lists

    Artistic Artifacts offers “Wish List” functionality for our secure online shop! You may also search for a Wish List that has been marked public — purchasing an item directly from their list makes holiday and special occasion shopping easy for you!

    Learn more about creating and searching Wish Lists below...

    Create a wish list of products from Artistic Artifacts with the Add to Wish List buttonCreating a Wish List

    Note that you must have a customer account to create or access your Wish Lists (click here to create a Customer Account). There are two ways to create a list: you can simply browse through the store and choose particular items — every product detail page in our store includes the red “Add to Wish List” button (see illustration). Click that, and it will be added to your first Wish List. (If you have multiple Wish Lists — see more below — you will be prompted to choose which of your Wish Lists to add the product to.)

    You may also create a specific Wish List first and then browse throughout the Artistic Artifacts online store and add your desired items. To create your Wish List first, login, click on “Wish List” and then “Create Wish List.” You will get a new screen where you can give your Wish List a Title and make Notes (see below image).

    Add titles or notes to your wish list

    You’re also given the opportunity to make your list “Public” if you choose, as seen here. If you make it public, you can send a link to the Artistic Artifacts store to friends and/or family and give them the name of your Wish List (public Wish Lists are accessible even to visitors without a customer account). They can then do a search for your list by name and see all the items you want. They can chose which they’d like to purchase, and those items will be removed from your list so they won’t be purchased again. If you do not check the “Public” box, then it will remain private and will not be searchable by others.

    You can create and maintain multiple Wish Lists. Once logged in, click on the “Wish List” link, which will bring up your personal Wish List page and will show you the current Wish Lists you have, as well as give you a link to create anew. Each list can have as many products as possible, and each list can have different products. Create a project based Wish List, separate your fabric and fiber wants from your mixed media product desires...whatever you like! If you create multiple Wish Lists, whenever you add a product, you will be prompted to choose which Wish List you want to add it to. Currently, Wish Lists have no expiration date.

    Add comments on the products in your wish list

    Adding Comments

    You can add a comment to any item placed in your Wish List. To do so:

    1) Click on the “Edit comment, quantity & Wish List” text link.

    2) A new screen will pop up and a text field for you to enter a comment will appear. Type whatever you want and then click the “Update” button.

    3) Once you’ve clicked Update, you, and anyone who searches your Wish List will now see the note below the item.

    You can write one note per item saved in your Wish List. If you want to remove the note, just click the “Remove” link.

    Search Wish Lists

    Search Artistic Artifacts wish list The Wish List Search feature allows you to search for a public Wish List. So if a friend or family member has let you know they’ve created a Wish List on Artistic Artifacts, you can search for it by name. Once you find the list, it will show a link that you can click to see the products that person has listed.

    When you click on the person’s name, their list will come up, and you can purchase the item directly from their list. During the checkout process you can choose to have it either shipped directly to the person’s address (update the “ship to” fields to their address) or you can have it shipped to yourself and give it to them personally.

    Once you have purchased something off of their Wish List, the item will be removed so an item won’t be purchased twice.

    Additional Wish List Information

    View your wish lists from your customer account pageYou can also access Wish Lists from your Customer Account (pictured here).

    Items priced in Wish Lists are dynamic and will change to reflect the most current price of that product. So if an item added to your Wish List was on sale at $10.00, you would see it at that price, but if you next revisited your Wish List when the sale was over, the price would be the original price, for example $12.00. This dynamic updating process also applies if an item’s price or status is updated in any way while it is in a Wish List.

    Note too that because Artistic Artifacts sells many items that are one of a kind or of limited quantity (for example, our Vintage/Traditional Tjaps, they may sell out and not reappear in the future, thus their status on a Wish List will change accordingly.

    Items stay in your Wish List until they are either manually removed (remove items from your Wish List by clicking on the “Remove” button near the item), or until someone purchases the item from your Wish List. If you send someone a link to your Wish List and someone clicks “add to cart” from your Wish List, the quantity they purchased will be removed from your Wish List once they complete the order.