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    A BERNINA Mastery class in progress at Artistic Artifacts

    While manyArtistic Artifacts in-person classes are currently ON HOLD due to the Coronavirus and COVID-19 global health crisis, we are now conducting BERNINA Mastery Classes using Zoom. We are also working with BERNINA’s virtual class offerings so that we can continue to serve you while we await safe conditions for in-person classes. Contact us with BERNINA Mastery questioins.

    Artistic Artifacts offers BERNINA Sewing Machine Mastery Classes, BERNINA Embroidery Machine Mastery classes and BERNINA Serger Mastery Classes. If you purchased your BERNINA sewing machine, embroidery machine or serger from Artistic Artifacts, your Mastery Classes are FREE! Those who did not buy their machine from Artistic Artifacts are welcome to purchase registrations for our Mastery Classes. BERNINA Mastery classes are segmented by series and, because they are held via Zoom, are now available to you no matter where you live! (Class times listed are Eastern time zone and it is your responsibility to translate them as necessary for your location.)

    BERNINA Ambassador Kathy Lincoln is our instructor, with years of experience teaching nationally, including at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. If your local dealer has not been able to offer Mastery classes; you need a refresher after a sewing layoff; you’ve inherited a BERNINA, etc., our classes are the ideal opportunity to learn to use your machine to its fullest potential.

    BERNINA Sewing Machine Mastery Classes

    Our Zoom Mastery classes are designed to familiarize you step-by-step with the operation of your machine. This class includes useful information about fabric, needles, thread, presser feet, and all the parts that came with the machine. Included in the class is a workbook from BERNINA.
               These Sewing Mastery Class modules are free to those who bought their machine from Artistic Artifacts. If you bought your BERNINA sewing machine elsewhere, the cost of the class is $115.

    BERNINA Embroidery Machine Mastery Classes

    The Embroidery Mastery classes are intended to familiarize you with the features of your new BERNINA embroidery module. In addition, you will learn about needles, threads, stabilizers, embroidery hoops and accessories, all of which will increase your knowledge of sewing and assist you in achieving success in all your embroidery endeavors. Once you have completed the exercises designated for your BERNINA machine, the workbook (included with the classes) is a wonderful reference guide to use as you explore the creative possibilities your embroidery machine affords.
               These Embroidery Mastery Class modules are free to those who bought their machine from Artistic Artifacts. If you bought your BERNINA embroidery machine elsewhere, the cost of the class is $115.

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