Using wooden printing blocks to print fabricArtistic Artifacts carries a large line of beautiful, collectible wooden printing blocks, hand carved by artisans in India, 100% sustainable and ethically sourced. The support of companies such as Artistic Artifacts has helped revive the art form, providing a stable working wage to 40 families, as well as making these art tools available to all.

The Artistic Artifacts line of heavy-bodied textile paints are perfect for block printing! Available in three finishes, opaque, pearlescent and transparent and a wide variety of our new easy flow Fluid Textile Paint works beautifully too! Shop all Artistic Artifacts paint »

WB384 Curved Leaf Wood Block
Code: 10020384

Price: $17.00

WB382 Small Butterfly Wood Block
Code: 10020382

Price: $15.00

WB372 Small Border Wood Block
Code: 10020372

Price: $20.00

WB370 Small Triple Leaf Repeat Wood Block
Code: 10020370

Price: $24.00

WB368 Curled Leaf Paisley Wood Block
Code: 10020368

Price: $20.00

WB343 Lotus Point Flowers Wood Block
Code: 10020343

Price: $14.00

WB342 Lotus Rounded Flowers Wood Block
Code: 10020342

Price: $14.00

WB336 Love Birds Wood Block
Code: 10020336

Price: $18.00

WB333 Floral Square Wood Block
Code: 10020333

Price: $14.00

WB317 Medium Owl Wood Block (approx. 4 in. tall)
Code: 10020317

Price: $16.00

WB315 Tangled Vines Wood Block
Code: 10020315

Price: $27.00

WB310 Star Field Wood Block
Code: 10020310

Price: $30.00